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In April, the volume of electricity trade at TGE totalled 18,110,473 MWh, and was higher by 129.7 per cent than in April 2017. On the CFIM, the volume grew by 172.9 per cent YoY reaching 15,898,202 MWh. On the spot market, on the other hand, the volume was higher by 7.5% YoY and totalled 2,212,271 MWh.

In April, the weighted average price of the BASE contract on the Day Ahead Market was 182.25 PLN/MWh going down by 21.43 PLN/MWh below its level in March. On the CFIM, the price of the contract with base load delivery in 2019 (BASE_Y-19) averaged 199.39 PLN/MWh, which means an increase by 9.06 PLN/MWh comparing to the quotations of this contract in March.

Natural gas

The volume of transactions concluded on natural gas markets in April totalled 5,701,322 MWh, which translates to a YoY decrease by 22.1 per cent. On the Commodity Forward Instruments Market with Physical Delivery (CFIM), the volume was 3,819,029 MWh of gas, going down by 18.5 per cent. On the Day-Ahead and Intraday Market (DAM&IDM), the volume totalled 1,882,293 MWh, i.e. was 28.6 per cent lower than in April 2017. The spot market volume was constituted by 1,290,768 MWh traded on DAMg (decrease by 40.0 per cent YoY) and 591,525 MWh on IDMg (increase by 21.5 per cent YoY).

The weighted average price on DAM&IDMg in March went down to 84.63 PLN/MWh, which means that it was higher by 33.92 PLN/MWh than in March 2018. On the CFIM, the weighted average price of a contract with delivery in 2019 (GAS_BASE_Y-19) was 87.46 PLN/MWh, i.e. higher by 4.84 PLN/MWh than in March.

Property Rights

The volume of electricity property rights traded in April totalled 5,845,314 MWh. This means an increase by 3.2 per cent comparing to the result for April of last year.

The volume of trade in green certificates (PMOZE and PMOZE_A instruments on the Property Rights Market) amounted to 2,155,370 MWh, falling below the April 2017 level by 17.1 per cent. The weighted average price for the PMOZE_A instrument traded during the PRM sessions was 71.12 PLN/MWh, i.e. was lower by 0.73 PLN/MWh than in March 2018.

The volume for property rights related to energy efficiency totalled 13,974 toe (of which 12,776 toe for the PMEF instrument), which means a decrease by 25.7 per cent year-on-year. The weighted average price during market sessions for the PMEF instrument went up by 44.51 PLN/toe MoM, to the level of 719.50 PLN/toe.

Guarantees of Origin Register

In April 2018, the volume of transactions concluded in the Guarantees of Origin Register totalled 359,148 MWh, with a weighted average price of 0.48 PLN/MWh.

Steam coal

The steam coal price index PSCMI 1, based on the ex-works pricing data for supplied by the Industrial Development Agency (ARP) for utility and industrial power generation sector at the end of March 2018 stood at 230.75 PLN/t, which represents an increase by 1.11 per cent comparing to February, while the price per 1 GJ of electric power went up by 0.86 per cent to 10.57 PLN/GJ. Meanwhile, the PSCMI 2 index which reflects prices for industrial and municipal CHP plants decreased by 0.66 per cent in the same period and was 297.18 PLN/t. The index value per unit of energy decreased by 1.37 per cent reaching 12.23 PLN/GJ.

The change of monthly indices as compared to March 2017 was 30.55 PLN/t for PSCMI 1 (increase by 15.26 per cent) and 63.58 PLN/t for PSCMI 2 (increase by 27.22 per cent).

The price per 1 GJ increased YoY, respectively, by 1.69 PLN/GJ (19.03 per cent) and 2.42 PLN/GJ (24.67 per cent).
The quarterly PSCMI 1 index was 228.48 PLN/t and 10.48 PLN/GJ, which represents an increase by 8.31 and 9.85 per cent, respectively, comparing to the fourth quarter of 2017. The quarterly PSCMI 2 index reached the level of 294.69 PLN/t and 12.21 PLN/GJ, which means a growth by 13.56 and 14.11 per cent, respectively, comparing to the last quarter of 2017.

The YoY comparison to quarterly indices shows that the PSCMI 1 went up by 17.53 PLN/t (8.31 per cent) and by 0.94 PLN/GJ (9.85 per cent), while PSCMI 2 – by 35.19 PLN/t (13.56 per cent) and 1.51 PLN/GJ (14.11 per cent).

New participants

At the end of April 2018, 73 companies enjoyed the status of the member of the Commodity Market (CM).

As at 30 April 2018, the Certificate of Origin Register maintained by Towarowa Giełda Energii had 3,562 members with 21 of them joining in the month of April.

There are 365 entities registered as the members of the Guarantees of Origin Register.

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