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Record-breaking June in the TGE’s Guarantees of Origin Register

•    The volume of trade in Guarantees of Origin in the first half of this year totalled 3,348,142 MWh tripling the volume for the same period of the previous year. In June alone, the volume of transactions concluded in the Guarantees of Origin Register totalled 1,407,848 MWh which is the highest-ever value in the history of TGE.

•    Since the foundation of the GOR, 6,874,867 guarantees of origin have been delivered to the final consumer with 1,111,363 guarantees traded in June alone.

Over the last 12 months, the volume of trade in the guarantees of origin at TGE amounted to 4,907,939 MWh, which corresponds to 29 per cent of electricity production from renewable sources. In the first half of 2018, the volume of transactions concluded in the Guarantees of Origin Register totalled 3,348,142 MWh accounting for 47 per cent of the aggregate volume of trade since the inception of the Register, which reached 7,133,984 MWh between September 2012 and the end of June.

Over the past 12 months, the monthly average price of a guarantee of origin ranged between PLN 0.36 per MWh and PLN 0.64 per MWh. The weighted-average price for transactions concluded in June was 0.39 PLN/MWh with record-breaking volume.

The growing trade volumes go hand in hand with continuous growth of the GOR membership. Over 380 have put their trust in the Register, among them renewable energy generators, supply companies, brokers and other parties interested in the confirmation of electricity from renewable sources.

The provisions of Directive 2009/28/EC which requires the EU Member States to set up registers of guarantees have been implemented in Poland through the amendment of the Energy Law Act of 26 July 2013, commonly referred to as the Small Energy Tri-Pack It requires that TGE maintains a Guarantees of Origin Register and organises the trade in guarantees of origin. TGE GOR was launched in the Autumn 2014, and first transactions were concluded in September 2015.

The guarantees of electricity origin are an element of the EU's environmental policy aimed at disclosing the types of sources and fuels used for electricity generation. Since the labelling of electricity as such is not possible, a system of documents (guarantees) created at the time of electricity generation has been set up. The system of guarantees of origin covers solely renewable energy sources (RES) thus providing an additional incentive for the development of the sector.

As opposed to certificates of origin, the guarantees are not a commodity and are traded directly within the register.

A guarantee of origin is issued by the Energy Regulatory Office for a period of 12 months from the end of electricity generation in a RES. Subsequently, it is transferred, in a digital format, to the GOR, and after the above-mentioned time period, the guarantee expires and is removed from the Register. The document has a unique number and validity date.

The detailed GOR regulations, standard forms of documents as well as schedules are available at:

Press Release (pdf).

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