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Go-live package for XBID market

  • The European Cross-Border Intraday Market (XBID) together with 11 Local Implementation Projects will go live in June 2018.
  • The XBID participants published the XBID Go-live package containing general information about the intraday market coupling project in the European Union and Norway – XBID.

According to Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/1222 of 24 July 2015 establishing a guideline on capacity allocation and congestion management, NEMO and transmission network operators from the EU countries and Norway developed a MCO Plan, according to which, upon the approval by all the European regulators, the XBID  (Cross-Border Intraday) project was recognised as an instrument of intraday market coupling in the Member States and Norway. XBID is a joint initiative of energy exchanges and transmission network operators from 11 countries.

XBID is a trading facility (central system) developed by Deutsche Boerse AG for the cross-border intraday market which will communicate with local trading systems operating within Local Implementation Projects.

The XBID solution is based on a joint trading system provided with a Shared Order Book (SOB), Capacity Management Module (CMM) and Shipping Module (SM). XBID enables the matching of market participant’s orders under a continuous trading system with the orders placed in the same way by market participants in any other zone covered by the project, as long as transmission capacity is available. Ultimately, the integrated intraday market model will enable both explicit allocation (auction system) and continuous trading under an implicit allocation system.

The European cross-border intraday market under the XBID model, which covers 11 Local Implementation Projects will go live in June 2018 while other Local Implementation Projects, including LIP 16, which will comprise the links between Poland and Lithuania and Sweden will join XBID in 2019.

02.2018_XBID Launch Information Package (file)

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