Market Messages (MM)


22-10-18 Transition from summer time to standard time

In connection with the end of summer time on 28 October 2018, we inform that the trading session on the TGE at the transition from summer time to standard time will be following:


18-10-18 Opening of the sale auction No 1/RTT-A/2018

The Polish Power Exchange informs hereby that on the day of 23-10-2018 the sale auction No 1/RTT-A/2018 will be carried out; the auction subject will be baseload of electricity, that means electricity with equal power in each hour of the day during the period from 01.01.2019 till 31.12.2019 (the instrument BASE-A_Y-19)* with power of 20 MW.


10-10-18 GOO technical break

We kindly inform that today (10.10.2018) between 3.30 p.m. and 4.00 p.m. there will be a technical break in access to The Guarantee of Origin Register.
We apologize for any inconvenience.


08-10-18 The transaction data reporting platform operated by TGE is already 3 years old

•    The transaction data reporting platform launched on 7 October 2015 is celebrating its anniversary.
•    Towarowa Giełda Energii (TGE) was granted the RRM status as one of the first reporting entities in the European Union.
•    The TGE’s RRM system offers market participants comprehensive support with respect to their obligations resulting from the REMIT Regulation.
•    The TGE’s RRM platform currently has 1632 users.


05-10-18 Summary of trading activity on TGE markets in September 2018 The highest volume of electricity trading since 2010

•    The volume of electricity traded at TGE in September totalled 30,753,385 MWh, and was higher by 145.7 per cent than in September 2017.
On the Commodity Forward Instruments Market with Physical Delivery (CFIM), the volume grew by 167.4 per cent YoY reaching  28,615,307 MWh. These are the best results since November 2010.
•    The volume of transactions concluded on natural gas markets in September totalled 19,411,725 MWh (of which 18,557,774 MWh on the CFIM), which represents an increase by 39.6 per cent YoY comparing to September 2017 and the best result in 2018.
•    The volume of electricity property rights traded in September totalled 4,073,419 MWh and was higher by 20.9 than in September 2017.


02-10-18 TRMEW Obrót joins the membership of TGE

TRMEW Obrót, spółka oferująca szerokie spektrum usług związanych z  obrotem energią elektryczną uzyskała status Członka Giełdy w zakresie Rynku Towarów Giełdowych.

- Wymiana międzysystemowa i handel hurtowy energią elektryczną jest obecnie jednym z głównych i ciągle rozwijanym kierunkiem działalności spółki. Jego wdrożenie stało się krokiem milowym w historii TRMEW Obrót i jest początkiem długofalowego rozwoju firmy – powiedział Sebastian Jabłonski, Wiceprezes Zarządu ds. rynków hurtowych.


06-09-18 Press Release - XBID Go-Live

European Cross-Border Intraday (XBID) Solution trades exceed 2.5 million since go-live. Solution is stable and therefore availability of roll back systems has ceased.


Kurier TGE

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